Orbitum 21.0

Orbitum is a Chromium-based browser focused on chatting on social networks
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Orbitum is "yet another Chromium-based browser" that focuses on providing additional capabilities to ease and enhance the experience of chatting on social networks. Most of them are Russian social networks, like Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Anyway, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace are supported too.

The fact that it is a Chromium-powered browser means that it’s also fast and secure. It indeed provides fast webpage loading speed and comfortable browsing thanks to the neat and intuitive interface.

Anyway, the chatting feature remains the only thing that differentiates this browser from the other Chromium-based browsers. Orbitum is the only tool of its kind that lets you chat with your friends on Facebook or VK, while visiting any other site. This program will display friends from different social networks in one single, easy-to-manage list and will enable you to read and reply to messages without having to go to the website of that social network. Other than that, it’s just pretty much Google Chrome with a different name. All the features and functions that made Google Chrome such a popular web browser are also available within Orbitum as well. They both are Chromium-based browsers after all. If you’re interested in the neat and handy chat features, then Orbitum is surely the right browser for you.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fast loading speed.
  • Allows chatting on social networks while visiting other webpages.
  • Supports Chromium-based extensions


  • Not much of a difference between it and other Chromium-based browsers
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